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Sneak peeks inside New Zealand distribution centre. Automated pallet wrappers are fast replacing the hand wrapping of pallets — find out why these companies have chosen to do it by taking an Inside Look.

Is it efficiency? Improving health and safety practices? Time saving? Waste reduction? Wrapping pallets by hand is old-school and switching to an automated wrapper produces all kinds of savings.

December 19, 2018

Working order – Care & maintenance tips for your pallet wrapper

Tough componentry and modern engineering delivers the highest standards in pallet wrapping equipment for New Zealand companies. However, when it comes to getting the most spin from your buck, there’s no such thing as ‘too much peace of mind’. That’s why we’ve prepared some quick tips for easy ongoing maintenance on our Spinny pallet wrappers. […]

Inside Look
November 26, 2018

Unwrapping the process – A heads-up on neckdown

A Heads-Up on Neckdown Power pre-stretching film is the secret to safe and stable loads. In this article, we take a look at yet another reason we wouldn’t be without power pre-stretched film; avoiding neckdown. Have you ever held a piece of Blu-Tack between your fingers and stretched it as far as you can reach? You’ll notice that as the […]

Inside Look
October 31, 2018

It is easy being green

Sustainable practice makes perfect The change to a more sustainable use of resources (and the reasons why we must do so) often seems overwhelming. We’re all about the ‘win-win’ approach – there are ways you can help the next generation while helping your bottom line. Change can be difficult if the immediate consequences seem even […]

Inside Look, The Wrap
October 31, 2018

Unwrapping the Process

Our resident Application Specialist Jed Goudie is back with more packaging insights. In the last article, Jed enlightened us on the best way to match wrapping with load profiles. Now he’s talking film tension. It’s no secret that all of us here at Universal Packaging love a bit of tension. No, we’re not talking a […]

Inside Look
October 31, 2018

Fresh Thinking

The Spinny makes it five+ a day When handling more than 36 million boxes of fresh produce each year, and managing commercial relationships across 87 countries in seven continents, you need your logistical processes to be the very best they can be. Freshmax is one of the largest fresh produce marketing and distribution operations in […]

Case Study, Inside Look, The Wrap
June 21, 2017

Inside Look: Seymour Distribution

  After close to four decades dispatching quality home wares and household goods around New Zealand, Seymour’s knows that seconds and grams really matter. A brand new Spinny S300 semi-automated pallet wrapper is helping them make these savings on the packing line. Seymour’s manufacture brands such as Cuisine Queen and Kate’s Kitchen here in New […]

Inside Look, The Wrap
June 14, 2017

Inside Look: Tuatara Brewing Co.

On a standard day Tuatara Brewery bottles, labels and packs 7000 litres of their award-winning beer. Removing hand-wrapping from the equation has released the pressure at the end of the dispatch line.     When Michael Bailey first started as a storeman at the Kapiti Coast brewery, he was wrapping the pallets by hand, a […]

Inside Look, The Wrap
June 13, 2017

Inside Look: Sealed Air

New Zealand’s food industry relies on Sealed Air’s packaging solutions to keep food safe and waste to a minimum. At their Te Rapa distribution centre, where up to 70 pallets of packaging are dispatched each day, a new Spinny S140 stretch wrapper is securing the loads.   Sealed Air is everywhere. The multinational company counts […]

Inside Look, The Wrap
May 24, 2017

Inside Look: Fonterra Farm Source

From Kaitaia to Winton, Waitara to Opotiki, Fonterra’s 71 Farm Source stores help to keep New Zealand farms ticking over. With 4000 SKUs at their Te Rapa distribution centre and over 100 mixed pallets going out to stores each day, systems have to be tight. Moving to a fully automated pallet wrapping system was an […]

Inside Look, The Wrap
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