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Thanks to a unique raw material blending process and advanced extrusion technology this exceptional wrap leads the way in all relevant measures.

  1. Product Options

    Code Description Rolls/Carton Rolls/Pallet


    NanoWrap Machine Stretch Wrap
    500mm x 2175m x 15mu

    1 50

    NanoWrap Machine Stretch Wrap
    500mm x 1920m x 17mu

    1 50
    20420 NanoWrap Machine Stretch Wrap
    500mm x 1630m x 20mu
     1  50

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Secure in the knowledge

Innovative Science

Nanowrap was developed to increase structural strength and extension without compromising durability or increasing wastage. Successfully joining multiple layers into an ultra-thin polymer required the introduction of specialist technology and equipment. The result was 33 layers of high-performance pallet wrap – a uniquely formulated film with a core formation delivering maximum load stability and stretch capacity with minimal weight.

Fit for purpose

Load Stability

Ensure safe storage and peace of mind product transportation. Pallet wrapping must combine elasticity for containment and durability for protection. Nanowrap delivers unrivalled performance levels in load containment and puncture resistance. Even though the overall thickness is reduced (in comparison to other packaging films) load stability is far higher.

Waste not. Want not.


We’ll help you do more with less. Nanowrap can reduce film weight by a staggering 35%. This massively reduces film waste and subsequently minimizes any potential landfill impact too. There’s also a reduction in shipping weight – with less weight per pallet less fuel is needed.

Make the most of every metre

Cost Saving

Even the smallest gains can make a big difference in your logistical costs. So when you are using up to 35% less wrap per pallet, well… those savings can be significant. The best way to ensure a cost-efficient introduction of any new wrap product is with an initial SCOPE consultation from our technical sales team.

Less is more
Less wrap used. Less time wrapping. Less restock orders.

There is no better choice

Common Sense

From sugar to cleaning products to baby food, leading New Zealand companies have already discovered the difference Nanowrap can make to their bottom line. When it comes to meeting and surpassing everyday packaging standards this revolutionary pallet wrap ticks every box as easily as it covers every pallet.