Honey glazed barbeque?

Honey glazed barbeque?

There was a great response to our BBQ&A and some interesting results coming through from many of your answers.

After a great response to the online quiz our 2018 summer promotion has recently finished.

While it was a little tongue in cheek the answers to ‘How Tightly Wound Are You?’ were interesting all the same. We’re really hoping some of you aren’t as stressed out as it seems. Perhaps it’s just that time of year where everything is a little hectic?

The big barbeque winner was Allan McDonald from Arataki Honey. Allan now can use Arataki’s quality honey on some delicious recipes this summer.

Thank you to everyone for entering. We’re already looking forward to providing more competitions and offers to our regular readers in 2019. Watch this space!

A surprise package arrives at Arataki Honey. The big barbeque winner was Allan McDonald.

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