Garth Hill

Garth Hill

Our Technical Sales Representative spends a lot of time in traffic… and occasionally on traffic. Fortunately this thinking time allows him the chance to hone his sense of humour which is just one thing we love about working with Garth.

What brought you to the role at Universal Packaging?

It’s been 8 years now so not an easy question to answer considering I can hardly remember what I had for lunch. But seriously, I love sales and the fast paced packaging industry sounded like a fun adventure. I haven’t been let down!

What does a typical day look like in your job?

Starts with me pounding down stairs in a frantic hurry to get out the door before being asked to put the rubbish out. Well, no, not really. It’s planning my next day, checking in with the sales support team, giving my opinion on last night’s rugby before hitting the road (and possibly the car in front of me) to meet our fantastic customers. Generally finishing with a well-deserved bevy.


Hearing positive customer feedback always motivates me to keep giving my best.

Garth v2

What are the highlights of your work day?

Hearing positive customer feedback always motivates me to keep giving my best.   

And some challenges?

Dealing with the traffic. Auckland: please sort out your motorways!

If you could package anything, what would it be?

My mortgage – keen to send it packing!

Finish this sentence: “The best things come in small packages.”

A package of your three favourite things has turned up on your desk: what’s inside?

  • 12 month Nadia Lim magazine subscription (for the better half)
  • St Remy Brandy – 1125mm
  • Round the World Travel itinerary – flights booked and ready to go.

Got technical questions for Garth about our machinery? Get in touch.

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