Get a load of what’s going on…

Get a load of what’s going on…


Trains of thought - How Italians are paying with plastic

How will you be paying today? Cash, card or bottle? In Rome travellers can now finish their refreshment and put the waste to good use, the recycled plastic helping to...

Bag 1

Packaging Appreciation Society - 5 shopping bag designs we rate highly

Just because we’re passionate about pallet wrap that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the finer details of other forms of packaging.

3515432 endgamedek

End (Of Line) Game

As the latest Avengers film hits movie theatres across the planet we take a look at what superheroes have the skills to make it in our industry        Ant Man.

Picture1 v2

Trust me, I'm a scientist

Has years of advertising conditioned us into trusting the overall competency of a person provided they are wearing a lab coat? If so, do we need to wonder why only...

Robot pallets v2

Proper pallet stacker or attention grabber?

Some commentators wondered if running time required far too many back-up units, and were concerned that this technology would only work with uniform pallet loads.

last roll v2

Signed, sealed…but delivered?

Sometimes we wake in the middle of the night, eyes wide open, startled by a nightmare of never-ending packaging failure. This is what we dream of…


It just doesn’t stack up. 4 pallet disasters waiting to happen

1) You know ‘light stuff on heavy stuff’ isn’t some kind of solution for everything, right?

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