Our Binding Agreement:

To be a trusted advisor to our customers by responding positively to their needs, supporting their business success and serving them in the way we like to be served.

Read some company values and you’ll be forgiven for thinking they were written by throwing a bunch of fancy-sounding words in a hat and then picking a few out at random. The results are generally bland, inappropriate and entirely forgettable.

That’s not for us. Our values provide us with focus in our everyday work and purpose in our each-and-every minute effort. They ensure the products and service of Universal are the best they can be. They are consistent. They are authentic. They are non-negotiable.

We work together

As individuals we work with total commitment for the ongoing success of the company. As a company we work for the shared enjoyment and victories of our people. It’s really that simple.

We aim high

With passion and professionalism, experience and expertise, nothing is impossible. Our ability to get large projects over the line is well known, and we take pride in how we can ‘find a way when there is no way’. With strategic thinking and a focus on tomorrow we are ready for every opportunity ahead.

We wrap tight

In the art and science of logistics there can be millions in the millimetres. That’s why on each and every job we stay focused and work hard. Diligence is vital. When it comes to our customer’s need for optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness, near enough is not good enough. It’s got to be right.

We see right

Our customers know that if we say we can do it, we will. We ensure this happens with thorough knowledge of products, processes and equipment. We undertake it with a can-do attitude and our ‘all for one, one for all’ team-wide mindset.

We deliver as promised

Our work is to bind. Our word is our bond. To ensure long-term success the reputation of our company must be incontestable. We must therefore remain transparent in our motives and true to our word, accepting responsibility and delivering accountability. Our integrity is everything.

Who's behind the scenes?


We are passionate about leading both the thought behind and wrap around our nations pallets. It’s how we look beyond the package to the processes and products that are enclosed within each unique operation. It’s why we now lead New Zealand in specialised pallet wrapping film and machinery.


What Our Customers Say