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General Details

For the intelligent choice in wrapping SmartWrap provides all the strength for your pallets with a fraction of the wrap.

That’s thanks to the smart resins and state-of-the-art technology within production of the advanced wrap, a process that ensures, when compared to standard wrap products, you can wrap the same amount of pallets with 50% less film.

When you need greater load stability, easy-use and less time wasted with your wrapping, wise up with SmartWrap.

Less is More

Double your output and save up to 50% on your film consumption.

Refer to left image which shows the amount of film used to wrap a standard pallet with conventional 23 micron stretch wrap compared to the amount of SmartWrap used to wrap the same pallet to give the same degree of load integrity.


All the Standard Performance Benefits of ClearWrap:


Outstanding stretch to maximise your value per wrap while keeping the cost per pallet down.


Specially formulated one sided cling means wrap clings to itself but not the neighbouring pallets.


Excellent elastic memory; means guaranteed pallet integrity, keeps loads stable and secure during transport and long after film is applied.


Crystal clear film ensures top quality presentation, ease of product identification and barcode scanning.

Low Noise

Super quiet unwind allows application near offices and telephones.

Quality Assured

Manufactured for the New Zealand market under ISO 900 1:200 certificate and is FDA approved.

Product Options
Code Description Rolls
Per Carton
Per Pallet
20278 SmartWrap Hand Stretch Wrap
500mm x 550m, Elite
4 200
20280 SmartWrap Hand Stretch Wrap
500mm x 400m, Premium
4 200
20282 SmartWrap Hand Stretch Wrap
500mm x 350m, Ultra
4 200
20283 SmartWrap Hand Stretch Wrap
500mm x 300m, Tough
4 200
20285 SmartWrap Machine Stretch Wrap
500mm x 2500m, Premium
1 50
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