Spinny S300 – Semi Automated Stretch Wrapper

General Details

The Spinny S300 is equipped with a high-performance pre-stretch film carriage, ensuring the best utilisation of stretch film and effective wrapping of light and unsteady loads that couldn’t be wrapped effectively with conventional friction brake systems.


  • Powered pre-stretch film carriage – 200%
  • Quality equipment made in Italy
  • 3 year factory warranty
  • Soft start and stop turntable function
  • Indexed turntable returns to start
  • Photo cell for automatic load height detection
  • Touch screen control panel giving 10 programmable wrapping options
  • Touch screen control panel offers ability to lock programs to stop operator interference
  • Single phase
  • Full service maintenance plans
  • Parts backup
  • Excellent after sales support and operator training
Product Options

Additional Option

  • Turntable diameter up to 2200 mm
  • Wrap height up to 3800 mm
  • Loading ramp
  • Integrated load cell and weight indicator
  • Pit frame
  • With slotted turntable for pallet trolley
Turntable Diameter 1650 mm
Turntable Capacity 2000 kg
Distance between mast and turntable 500 mm
Wrap Height 2100 mm
Turntable Speed 0 – 16 rpm
Production Rate Per Hour 25 – 35 loads
Power Supply Single Phase