General Details

This perforated stretch wrap has been carefully developed to provide perfectly vented protection for the pallets of the produce, dairy, beverage and frozen food industries.

With punched holes for ventilation this wrap eliminates condensation build-up on the inside of the film and markedly reduces spoilage times – all without losing the strength and convenience of regular pallet wrap or the performance capabilities of stretch netting.

Hot Filled Products

VentWrap prevents condensation developing avoiding associated problems such as, rust on tins or caps, discolouration of packaging & labels and impaired performance of glues.

Frozen Products

VentWrap shortens the freezing time as the cold air comes through to the product quicker. Also the thawing time is shortened as the moisture can escape faster.

Fresh Produce & Plants

VentWrap gives product protection combined with optimal air circulation contributing to longer lasting freshness.

Product Options
Code Description Per Carton Per Pallet
20615 VentWrap Perforated Hand Stretch Wrap
425mm x 500m, Pre-stretch
6 160
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