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This is the ultimate all-weather wrap for your products – a specifically formulated hybrid cast stretch wrapping film designed for use on pallets that will be exposed to the elements.

WeatherShield delivers all the performance standards of ClearWrap along with the all-important weather-proofing benefits, including an extra high inside cling to guard against water ingress and superior UV stabilisation.

For durable and secure pallet protection you’ll be packing with confidence – and singing in the rain.

WeatherShield combines key weather proofing benefits:


Extra high inside cling eliminates water ingress and stops wrap unwind. Inside cling means it clings to itself but not the neighbouring pallets.

UV Stabilisation

With a high UV content, this film will withstand outdoor conditions for up to 18 months. Protect your products from harmful rays.


All the Standard Performance Benefits of ClearWrap:


Outstanding stretch guarantees up to 300% yield per roll. Maximise your value per wrap while keeping the cost per pallet down.


Specially formulated one sided cling means wrap clings to itself but not the neighbouring pallets.


Excellent elastic memory; means guaranteed pallet integrity, keeps loads stable and secure during transport and long after film is applied.


Crystal clear film ensures top quality presentation, ease of product identification and barcode scanning.

Low Noise

Super quiet unwind allows application near offices and telephones.

Quality Assured

Manufactured for the New Zealand market under ISO 900 1:200 certificate and is FDA approved.

Product Options
Code Description Rolls
Per Carton
Per Pallet
20764 WeatherShield23 Machine Stretch Wrap UV
500mm x 1500m x 23um
1 40
20769 WeatherShield30 Machine Stretch Wrap
500mm x 1150m x 30um
1 40
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