Dairy Company 2


With the recent installation of a UHT production plant Universal Packaging were invited to help establish the correct wrapper set up and film application. The new UHT product was being stacked on a different pallet size with a different pallet profile to the existing powder pallets.


Universal Packaging coordinated a site audit on the new fully automatic in-line stretch wrapper. We were able to draw on our extensive dairy industry knowledge and conduct industry standard tests to establish the load containment, yield and application parameters to ensure optimum load integrity, without over application of film.


Universal Packaging set up load containment benchmarks for the UHT pallets in terms of application settings, yield and film force standards. These are monitored and maintained through the implementation of Universal Packaging’s unique SCOPE program, which ensures regular onsite audits on both the powder and the UHT stretch wrappers to ensure that the wrapping of the loads is being done to the established benchmarks. If loads are being wrapped to levels outside the benchmarks this is highlighted and Universal Packaging works with the operators to realign the machinery with the benchmarks. SCOPE monitoring gives the site personnel the assurance that loads are leaving the facility with the correct stretch film application.


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