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Having to wrap pallets by hand while monitoring carton packing, sealing, labelling and palletising was stretching the operator’s resources on the muesli bar line. With limited space and only hand pallet trucks to move the completed pallets a conventional pallet wrapper was out of the question.


Universal Packaging supplied a Spinny S140TP Wrapper with a slotted turntable specifically designed for use with hand pallet trucks. The wrapper was positioned so the operators could stack the cartons of finished goods directly onto the pallet sitting on the wrappers turntable. Once complete the operator simply attached the film and started the wrap cycle. On completion of the wrap cycle they could then unload the pallet from the wrapper using the hand pallet truck.


This solution eliminated a number of steps from the process allowing the operators time to concentrate on other areas of the production line and ensured a well wrapped pallet every time. Damages to pallets for export due to insufficient wrap integrity were eliminated, operator fatigue and wrapping related injuries were eliminated, and production rates increased.


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