Grocery Distribution Company


Historically this company had been using a mixture of hand wrapping and machine wrapping using old semi-automatic turntable wrappers. The hand wrapping was time consuming and labour intensive with variations in wrap integrity due to the range of different operators doing the job. The machine wrapping was also time consuming and labour intensive. Given the nature of the high and unstable FMCG pallets with multiple SKU’s meant the semi auto turntable wrapping machines couldn’t run at high speeds for risk of the load collapsing. Using semi auto machines also meant each wrapper still required two labour units.


In 2012 personnel from Universal Packaging visited a distribution centre of the largest wholesale grocery supply company in North America. The distribution warehouse was one of over 50 facilities supplying independent supermarkets, chain stores and institutions with over 95,000 different products. With over a million square foot of dry goods storage the warehouse staff understood the importance of having an effective and efficient wrapping operation. The company had chosen to install three Wulftec Dual WRTA-150 fully automatic rotary arm wrappers. These machines wrap the pallet while it remains stationary on the ground, each dual set up wrapped 2 pallets simultaneously and the health and safety features significantly reduced the dangers of turntable wrapping. Universal Packaging saw this as the ultimate solution to the requirements of our client presented this to the New Zealand grocery distribution company.


After the company had considered a range of options they decided to install Wulftec WRTA-150 fully automatic rotary arm wrappers throughout their facilities in New Zealand. This upgrade has seen a more efficient palletising line, a 40% reduction in damage costs and returns. It has also resulted in an increase in the consistency and quality of the wrap as well as a reduction in film used and the time taken to wrap a pallet. They now have 16 of these machines installed throughout New Zealand.


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