As part of a companywide continuous improvement drive Universal Packaging were invited to analyse the refinery’s current pallet stretch wrapping process to identify potential improvements to both film application process and usage.


Universal Packaging coordinated a number of site trials and conducted tests to establish the existing machinery and wrap parameters. From this data we were able to identify areas of potential improvement and make recommendations. The existing power pre-stretch film carriage was upgraded and modified to allow the use of a much lower gauge film whilst maintaining adequate film force and load integrity. Both fully automatic in-line wrappers were upgraded to ensure consistent application of the correct amount of stretch wrap to every pallet dispatched.


Increased load consistency, optimised stretch film application and set up of load containment benchmarks are all outcomes from this project. System-wide, film savings of 12-18% have been achieved. The implementation of Universal Packaging’s unique SCOPE program ensures regular onsite monitoring which gives management personnel the assurance that loads are not leaving the facility with improper stretch film application. Packaging machine maintenance personnel now have significantly greater understanding of and control over wrapper maintenance, thus slashing downtime and further increasing efficiencies and cost savings.


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