November 26, 2018

Witness the Fitness

When things get busy it’s easy to get wrapped up in your work and forget about what else is important in life. That’s one of the key reasons why the Universal team took on the Wellness Challenge in November.

The team had seen this initiative go well at other companies and thought it was worth trying out here.

The challenge was to complete as many personal goals and outside of your comfort zone, make note of them and then, at the end of the 30 days, to anonymously share your complete list with the rest of the team.

The goals can be anything from riding your bike to work to not eating chocolate for the entire month to joining a gym to wrestling a swan on the grounds of parliament, although goals were meant to be realistic and achievable.

Then the team votes for which person achieved the biggest changes overall, who completed the biggest challenge, and who has been the biggest supporter overall.

“It’s been really nice so far,” says Universal Marketing Coordinator Emily Barnier. “We’re all talking about changes we have been making and everyone has made their own little daily or weekly goal checklist.”

While it’s somewhat of a competition the key focus for the Wellness Challenge is on personal ambition and progress.

“We’re making such a conscious effort to be better where we can and I think that the team are feeling and seeing the positive changes too,” says Emily.

“Aristotle said, “quality is not an act, it is a habit.” With these small acts, and the support from the wider team, it’s possible to enhance your quality of life.”



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